"Eat A Whole Can Of Chewing Tobacco," And More Terrible Reader Dares

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On Friday, we asked you to tell us about the craziest dare you ever accepted. You all came back with stories of eating things you shouldn’t have eaten, getting naked in places you shouldn’t have gotten naked, and doing various things you definitely shouldn’t have done—especially since in many cases, there was nothing on the line but your pride (or shame). Here are your best/worst stories.

We couldn’t swap these kinds of stories without hearing about some college-aged streaking. HughMagnusJohnson:

When I was a freshman at Bowling Green, lots of independent freshmen were placed in on campus fraternity houses as independents, because the Fraternities couldn’t fill their houses with Members. At BG, there were a few “rows” of houses (basically big dorms, separated by service hallways and fire doors, to make 4 separate “houses” for individual Fraternities and Sororities.

My best friend was one of those independents in a Fraternity. The house immediately next to the Fraternity he was living in was a Sorority house. On the 2nd day after everyone moved in I was in my buddys room playing some Bill Walsh College Football ‘95 when it happened. One of the other freshmen in the hall noticed that the doors between the houses were wide open. We could see all the way down to the end of the hall in the sorority house. Another independent from the floor walks in my buddy’s room and says “I’ll buy someone a 12 pack if they streak the (house next door).

Of course, I was the only one brave (stupid?) enough to accept the challenge. However, i said a 12 pack wasn’t enough, and my buddy, his roommate, and the original dare maker set off to talk to the other guys in the hall to see if they wanted to chip in to see this happen. What I didn’t know at the time was that my buddy (my best friend to this day, we were each others best man) was in the Sorority hallway, telling them what was happening, and they were prepared for my run.

After about 20 minutes, the kitty was up to a 12 pack of beer $30 and 2 packs of Marlboros. I gladly accepted. They told me I had to be nude, but I said I wanted to wear my socks for better traction. I got to the door, dropped trou, and off I went. Part of the dare was that I had to yell all the way down the hall, touch the far wall, and run all the way back. As I was running down the hall, I noticed a couple cameras come out from doorways (attached to hands) and snap pictures. Every girl on the floor knew I was coming, so they were all there to bear witness.

As I was running back towards the original door (and my clothes) I saw my buddy standing by the fire door. he had that look in his eyes, and I knew things were about to get worse. See, the fire doors didnt have knobs or handles on the “outside (service hall side) only a panic bar on the “inside”. As I was screaming “dont you f-ing dare!” he closed the door, and I was locked in/out (depending on your perspective. I turned around, and there was a gaggle of about 15-20 of the ladies from the floor. Some were snapping pictures. All were laughing. Figuring nothing from nothing leaves nothing, I waved and greeted them with a cheerful “Hello!”. I then removed one of my socks and put it on my member, Red Hot Chili peppers style. After a few minutes, my buddy figured I had enough, and let me back in.


Or a story about eating an insane amount of bad food. Strot:

Got dared into a boneless wings competition at BWW between my friends. I wasn’t up for it until a group of girls said they wanted to come watch if we did go through with it. That sold me. By the end, our table had several servers surrounding us chanting and cheering along with the rest of the group. At 49 wings, having already impressed the girls and beaten my friends, the risk of blowing masticated honey barbeque chicken flesh all over the table and the girls became a real issue so 49 was the final wing. I picked up #50 but couldn’t chance putting one more thing down the hatch. I didn’t eat wings for years after that.


Trespassing is a big theme, of course. GeezyPeezy:

Back in high school, one of the few places that would serve beer to minors were the vendors at the OLD Ballpark in Arlington. The old Rangers stadium was a slightly updated triple A park and we’d go to drink beer - bad baseball happened to be in the background.

One drinking excursion was interrupted by a downpour and most everyone in the stadium left but me, my buddy, and his brother, who was wheelchair bound. We were there to drink beer and could care less of the rain.

They rolled out the tarp and I was a few beers into it and started railing on my buddy to jump the wall and run the field. He is a conservative guy by nature and refused over and over again. His “no’s” were rebutted my “You’re a pussy.” “Who is going to watch my brother?” “You’re a pussy.” This went on for about 30 minutes. By this time we ran out of beer and we both went up to get another round.

I called my buddy a “pussy” one more time and headed up the stairs. Then I heard a roar from the small contingency of spectators in the park. I turned around and my buddy was already headed to first. Ballsy.

Knowing the shit I would catch if I didn’t go, I jumped the fence too and booked it for center. My buddy slip-n’slide’d head first into second and joined me straight for center. No one chased us on the field, but we still hauled ass - me running for the seats on the right field line, my buddy went to left. I jumped the fence and made it maybe 10 rows before getting gang tackled by security.

Security took me to the office where the Arlington police held a desk. A panel van was already started to take me down to the pokey. A policeman asked (kindly), “You wanna go the easy way or hard way?” I said, “What’s the easy way? He answered, “You look like a stupid kid that won’t give us any fight, we’ll just sit you in van.” I asked “What’s the hard way?” to which the cop replied “We hogtie you.” Hearing that, I announced “I ain’t ever doing this again. We’re going the hard way!!!” and I started flailing my arms in all directions. Three police officers tackled me (while laughing), hogtied me with cable ties and cuffs, and threw me in the back of the van.

The fan rolled around to the other stadium, stopped, and picked up my buddy who was caught on the other side of the field. He stepped into the van with no cuffs - he went the easy way.

From my fetal position on the floor I looked at him and said “Pussy.”

(Police were kind enough to take my buddy’s brother home. Free of charge.)

Many dares involve nudity. Here’s kylie:

Summertime in the very early 00s - my parents were teachers and we spent two months straight hanging out in our cabin at the lake. I was like 15 or 16 and one night, while drinking with the other lake kids (who were all older), I lost a very high-stakes game of Uno. The person who lost had to flash the group of kids at the Uno table. (Girls had to show tits, guys had to show dick. This seems a bit unfair to me now that I’m reminiscing, but that’s how it worked.)

I did NOT want to reveal anything, but I still wanted to maintain my honor and we agreed on a compromise. We decided I didn’t have to flash the group. (I think - I HOPE - the guys in the group relented on this because most of them were 18-19 and they realized that making a 16 year old show them her tits was creepy. But looking back on that, I’m very proud of them for being so nice. Good job guys!)

Anyways, the compromise was for me to flash the little fishing boat hanging out in the lake. (Lots of guys used to fish at night and catch the catfish in our little lake in Eastern WA.) This was a verrrrry nice compromise, because it was like 1 am and totally dark. So even though I had to aim my boobs in the direction of the boat and hold my pose for ten seconds, no one there would actually see me.

So, I got in position and right when I pulled up my shirt, the MEANEST BITCH IN THE GROUP turned on the porch light and my poor shy tits were lit up like Christmas.

It still wouldn’t have been that bad, except that it turned out my dad’s best friend was on the fishing boat with two of his buddies. He told my dad and I was not allowed to hang out with those kids for the rest of the summer.


And more nudity. ThrillaNVanilla:

In high school, during a regional track event, I streaked a butt naked lap around our hotel. As I came around the final turn, one of my teammates whipped out a disposable camera (this was a while ago) and took an action shot. Everyone had a good laugh, but he forgot about the camera. Weeks later, his mom took the camera to get the photos developed, knowing nothing about the errant nudity. After getting the pics back, without looking at them, she left them on the kitchen counter for her son. That evening, their neighborhood preacher came by and wanted to see the pics from the track meet.... I think my friend wound up being way more embarrassed over that than I was while in the raw.


Then came your many tales of general idiocy. creamcheeseking:

My cousin dared me to lick my finger, touch it to my nose then touch my nose to a lit light bulb.

I did it. I sizzled.

It was the night before the family X-Mas party and I spent the entirety of it oozing from the tip of my nose and being called “Rudolph”

I’m only marginally more intelligent nowadays.


An obese friend bet me that I couldn’t lift him up. This was freshman year of high school and I was trying to impress a girl (why would she have been impressed?) so I took him up on it. I was 5 feet tall and maybe 100 pounds. When I lifted him, my left knee gave out and I immediately broke several bones in my foot. Still trying to impress this girl, I walked it off (I seriously did not understand women). It was only after a weekend of hobbling that I finally gave in and went to the hospital. My parents still don’t believe that this is how it happened and are certain that I must be covering for something more embarrassing.


It takes a special type to agree to a tattoo dare, though there’s a precedent involving this very site. And now comes williamzabka:

Friend dared me I wouldn’the get the code to get to Tyson in Mike Tyson’s Punch Out tattooed on me. I did. Around my arm. In the 12 years I have had it, only once has someone successfully said what the numbers around my arm mean. People ask multiple times every fucking day.


Kids are great, aren’t they? ohnopleaseno can attest:

One time at summer camp I dared my friend to shit on a plate. He immediately retrieved a plate from the dining hall, dropped his pants, and took a giant shit on the plate right in front of us. He then frisbee-tossed the shitplate into the lake. Days later, a camper in snorkeling class retrieved it. I shattered it on a rock so it wouldn’t make its way back to the dining hall. Friends don’t let friends eat off shit plates.


High school kids especially. KareemCheese:

Not me but in high school we were at a party and a bunch of us dared a friend (a very big kid) to chug a bottle of Jack Daniels. He picked up the bottle and chugged about half of it before he realized it was filled with dip-spit. I still can’t believe he didn’t kick the shit out of us. High school kids are assholes...


Human Giraffe:

I didn’t accept this dare but I did issue it, and my god was it legendary. The stage was a Sunday afternoon following a raucous weekend of drinking at UW-Stout. While we were laughing and joking about who could or couldn’t hook up with a garbage bag filled with leaves, my roommate made a brilliant discovery...his old syringe he was given to clean out his tooth following wisdom teeth extraction surgery.

Given that we all had a weekend of cheap beer and greasy food going through our GI tracts, our flatulence was both excessive and offensive. I’m not sure who started it but someone decided to inhale one of those gas expulsions into the syringe and subsequently sample the aroma from within. Instant dry-heaving. Followed by thunderous laughter. This is something we need to evolve, and fast.

Enter desperate-for-money/food/sustenance roommate. We had collectively prepared a vile syringe for an unwitting victim and he was just what we needed. The cherry on top was the bottle of water he was carrying. We told him if he drank the water after we doctored it, he would be awarded 6 packets of Ramen and a very wrinkly 10 dollar bill. He accepted (we can debate the Dare qualifications of this later, but it’s a great story).

We inserted the end of the syringe into the water and discharged every last concentrated CC of air into that H2O and said “bottoms up”. What followed was what we will classify as a “fart seizure” and a burp that Peter Griffin would be glad to call one of his farts. I have never smelt shit breath on a human and hope I never will again. I hope someone out there somewhere will try and replicate this because you can never have too much laughter in the world.


These stories get pretty gross! Here’s beefboyz:

Not my dare, but a friend’s. In high school, a bunch of us convinced this kid to shave his pubes into a bag for a year, then stand at the top of a stairwell in the school and sprinkle them down on everyone during a passing period. (Please, don’t ask how we thought of this. I can offer no explanation)

This guy took us up on it and after about a year, he had enough pubes gathered to make it snow pretty well, but wanted to top off the bag on the big day. While he was harvesting, his dad walked in the room and asked him what the hell he was doing, which startled my friend and led to him slicing the underside of his penis open.

He ended up spending the night in the hospital for blood loss and his dad tossed the pube sack and grounded him for a couple of months.


But I saved the grossest story for last. CampCrean says he once ate an entire can of chewing tobacco. And there’s video:

For $45, I ate a can of chewing tobacco. Don’t believe me?



Okay, we believe you. Don’t ever do that again.