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Sports News Without Fear, Favor or Compromise
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In Canada, it's never too early to teach the fundamentals of the national sport, even to eight-year-olds. Inside and outside edges, skating backward, forward crossovers, and if there's a scuffle on the ice you go over the boards and get in a few good shots, son!

Six players and two coaches were suspended after Friday's brawl between the Duffield and Niagara Falls novice triple-A teams. Staff Sgt. Neal Young says after a fight broke out between players on the ice, both coaches sent the rest of their players over the boards to join in. Young also said a member of the Niagara Falls coaching staff is alleged to have spit in the face of a Duffield coach.


And of course when all else fails, throw some plywood.

Cops Probe Hockey Brawl Involving Eight-Year-Olds [CNews]

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