Eddy Curry Can't Pay His Bills

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Curry, who made $273,000 per minute the past two seasons, hasn't paid a personal loan he took out in 2008. It was a five-month loan, at 85 percent interest. Wait until you read what he spent his money on instead.

For some reason, Curry took out a a $570,000 loan two years ago. And for some reason, he did it in Las Vegas, the only place an 85 percent interest rate is legal. And for some reason, he hasn't paid a single penny on it. It's now ballooned to upwards of a million dollars


In court papers, Curry detailed his expenses to try to explain why he can't pay back the loan.

•$30,000 a month in household expenses, not counting $1075 a month for cable and satellite TV service. Dude must be getting porn channels us regular folk haven't even heard of.
•$6,000 a month for a personal chef. If he lowered that to $5,000, he probably wouldn't have clashed with Mike D'Antoni about his weight.
•$350,000 he owes Juwan Howard, for reasons that we're afraid to look into.
•$17,000 a month toward his relatives and dependents, to whom he's given many of his 12 luxury cars.

"Mr. Curry appears to be a very, very generous man," [Allstar Capital lawyer Donald] David said. "He appears to have taken it upon himself to support every person named Curry on the East Coast."


Curry already has his wages garnished, and got a $2 million advance from the Knicks. Why? To pay off his mansion in Chicago, which was foreclosed upon, and also an unpaid bill from Casual Male Big and Tall clothes.

Hey, you think Curry might exercise his $11 million option for next season?

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