Eddy Curry Has A Clothing Company Called ZooHigh, Because "Animals Are Almost Just As Dope As Humans"

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Big man Eddy Curry has a lot of free time on his hands after playing only two games for the Dallas Mavericks this season before being released. Being a free agent has led Curry to devote more attention to Zoo High, his clothing company. Zoo High has been around for a while, but it seems that Curry has been pushing harder in recent months to get his brand out there. And it is definitely... something.

Let's learn a little more about Zoo High from the "About Us" page:

Owned by husband and wife team; Eddy & Patrice Curry, ZooHigh is a vision turned reality. Built on the premise that zoo animals are almost just as dope as humans they've taken animals and brought them to life. Each character has their own personality, identity and spirit. Join us on their journey into our world. Zoo High


The different animal characters have names: Buddha the Elephant, Buzz the Monkey and Hydro the Shark, to name a few. Curry is giving these characters some depth, evidenced by this new Instagram account for Beary High—a bear that looks high—with Curry's endorsement that Beary High is "mad funny & super cool."

We can't even make fun of this. It's fantastic that Eddy Curry has found a passion outside of basketball. His new endeavor just so happens to be creating cartoon animals that look really baked.