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Either Justin Tucker Is Secretly A Michael Vick Clone, Or Madden 20 Still Has A Few Bugs To Work Out

EA’s Madden NFL 20 is currently in early access, meaning a select number of folks are currently able to get a couple hours of gameplay in before the game’s official Aug. 2 release date. In a surprise to absolutely no one, there are some problems with this current iteration of an Electronic Arts-developed game.


The most notable problem seems to be this invincibility mode that some quarterbacks are able to achieve while scrambling around behind the line of scrimmage. This issue was pointed out by Madden School, and demonstrated through a video of Ravens quarterback Lamar Jackson scrambling hundreds of yards while avoiding the likes of Jadeveon Clowney and J.J. Watt at a comical rate.

At least that problem is somewhat understandable given that speedy quarterbacks are pretty exploitable in these games, and Lamar Jackson is currently the fastest quarterback in Madden 20, according to Muthead. What’s not understandable, however, is why this bug can also make Justin Tucker look like the Madden 2004 version of Michael Vick.

Some users were rightfully skeptical of the clip, given that there are options to turn down a computer opponent’s tackling abilities down to 0, but Madden School’s community manager claims that those theories are false in the replies of the video. This also isn’t the result of switching the game’s play style to “arcade mode”—which intentionally makes Madden a lot more cartoonish—as the upper left-hand corner displays that this is being done in “competitive mode”—which makes games almost frustratingly realistic.

Developers still have a few days to figure this stuff out, but if an oversight like allowing Justin Tucker to become Bo Jackson in Tecmo Bowl got through, one can only imagine what kind of leftover bugs will still be in the game upon its official release.