El Salvador Team, Fans Baffled By Wrong Anthem At FedEx Field

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Phenomenal job by the organizers of the today's Argentina-El Salvador friendly, which was played at FedEx Field outside of Washington, D.C. That song you're listening to isn't the Salvadoran national anthem, but probably the Manx (that'd be the Isle of Man) national anthem. Considering that over 100,000 Salvadoran immigrants live in the Washington metro area and they made up a large portion of the crowd, that's a pretty big error to make!


Unbelievably, the game seems to have gone even worse from there. It was a bitter 35 degrees at kickoff (and in the high-20s with wind chill), and neither Lionel Messi nor Sergio Aguero took the field in Argentina's 2-0 win. There were also numerous complaints on Twitter about crowd control issues and a paucity of security staff. Somehow this is probably all Dan Snyder's fault.