Photo: Ross D. Franklin (AP)

Through all those tough years in Orlando to his current stint in Phoenix, the most notable feature of Elfrid Payton’s game has been his head. Not his “basketball IQ” or his “clutch mentality”—just that majestic drooping frond on top. Every season it protruded further past the point guard’s forehead. It looked like it might one day bear fruit. But now it is gone. May it rest in pieces.

Here’s what Payton looks like now:

Let’s take a moment to celebrate what once was.

Photo: Sue Ogrocki (AP)


It cast a shadow of its own.

Photo: Sue Ogrocki (AP)

It was full of joy.

Photo: Rob Carr (Getty)


It was glorious in action.

Photo: Justin K. Aller (Getty)

And regal in repose.

Photo: Patrick Smith (Getty)


Maybe now, several pounds lighter on his feet, and with his field of vision cleared, Elfrid Payton will be able to shoot the basketball further than a yard from the hoop.