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Elijah Dukes Tried His Best, But Couldn't Quite Swallow A Bag Of Weed Before Being Arrested

Elijah Dukes, aka Elijah David Dukes Jr., aka Fly Eli, was arrested early this morning in Tampa. I know, not news. It's his 10th arrest in Hillsborough County alone, and the Tampa Tribune says he's been arrested "dozens of times" since 2001, on charges ranging from domestic violence to drug possession to driving with a suspended license. But this arrest's different and noteworthy! This one involves Dukes trying to eat a dime bag.

Dukes's orange Chevy Camaro was pulled over shortly after 1 a.m. for what's being called a routine traffic stop. The arrest report states that when officers approached his car, they saw Dukes trying to swallow a baggie of pot, and he had marijuana flakes all over his shirt.


His bond was set at $4750, so presumably he's not still chilling in a jail cell. Dukes, who was released by the Nationals in 2010 and has reinvented himself as the rapper Fly Eli, is charged with possession, tampering with evidence, and yet again driving with a suspended license.

Police: Elijah Dukes tried to eat bag of pot during traffic stop [Tampa Tribune]

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