After making it through last season's promising Hard Knocks: Dallas Cowboys without any noteworthy melodrama, HBO decided it needs to inch a bit closer to full-on madness. Yes, Hard Knocks: Cincinnati Bengals is for real.

First Cuts dropped the news yesterday of the possibility, but it did seem a little too good to be true. With a star-studded cast including Chad Ocho Cinco, Tank Johnson, Chris Henry, Ray Maualuga, Andre Smith, Carson Palmer's smashed patella and the rest of the nefarious individuals that currently make-up the Bengals' roster, this like a dream scenario for any reality show producer.

This could be like "Lock Up" meets "Real World: Vegas" meets "Celebrity Rehab." I suspect Marvin Lewis won't restrict the cameras from anything just so he can show the world what he puts up with during the season.

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