The playoffs, as you often hear, are all about adjustments. If you're Flip Saunders, how do you adjust to LeBron James finally becoming the unstoppable force he was always supposed to be? I guess your best hope is to just hope he's exhausted from kicking your ass the last time out. The downside is that Drew Gooden, Larry Hughes, and the rest of the Cavs are well-rested from letting LeBron go 1-on-5 in Game 4.

Just to mess with people, LeBron should come out tonight, score 11 points on 2-19 shooting, and miss every shot he takes in the fourth quarter. As much as we all gushed over LeBron's performance on Thursday night, if he throws up a brickfest tonight, we won't know what to do with ourselves.

If you're a Cavs fan, and you're looking for some assistance in psyching yourself up for tonight's game, have a listen here for a Cavs theme song from 1977.

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