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End Of Days For Quin Snyder

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Well, OK, we're back in brittle, frighteningly cold South Central Illinois right now — where, unlike, New York, we at least didn't have to walk to work — and we watched that Illini destruction of Missouri last night. It was so brutal that we took less joy in the victory than sympathy for Missouri, which played like a gaggle of junior high kids who were consistently surprised and excited that, hey, I have the ball!

We won't overstate this: Missouri might be the worst coached team we've ever seen. They seemed to run no set plays, and their defense consisted mostly of guys pointing at each other and trying to pretend they didn't notice the goofy haired freak in a suit stomping his feet on the sideline. Tigers coach Quin Snyder is pretty obviously toast after this year — if Mizzou was merciful, they'd just can him right now — and it will be impossible for anyone, even Snyder himself, to argue. The Busch Braggin' Rights game is supposed to be competitive, but, honestly, 0-8 Coppin State gave the Illini a better game.


Since it's only a matter of time until Snyder goes to that Jim Essian/Rich Kotite graveyard for obviously overmatched field generals, let's take a moment to remember his greatest achievement, and his lasting memory: His hysterical rendition of "Eye Of The Tiger", his attempt to fire up his team a couple years ago. Watch it once for him, watch it twice to see his team's bewildered looks and watch it a third time just to giggle at how he doesn't even know the words. It's Snyder's contribution to our little world, and, at the end of the day, that's something.

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(Apparently they dumped popcorn on Snyder's head after the loss last night, as seen here ...)

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