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Enhance Your Pud

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So, should Barry Bonds be in the Hall of Fame if it's proven (again) that he used steroids? If he makes it, he won't be the first guy to use performance enhancers in Cooperstown. NPR's blog tells the story today of Pud Galvin, a 19th century pitcher for Pittsburgh.

Galvin once knowingly and openly drank the "elixir of Brown-Sequard," which was, essentially, the testosterone drained from the gonads of a dead animal. (We are relieved it wasn't the product of a couple guys named Browd and Sequard.) And the time, nobody minded, and The Washington Post even praised him for it.


We don't know if they called animal semen the "clear" then, however. But hey, look at the size of that dude's head!

A Different Kind Of Performance Enhancer [NPR]

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