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Enough, Already, With The "Unwritten Rules" Of Baseball

Goose Gossage says you can't show joy when you do something positive. You can't bunt to end a no-hitter. If their guy throws even close to your guy, you have to throw closer to his guy. In the fourth inning, everyone has to do an Indonesian Dance Of Skulls before tapping his left ear twice. These "unwritten rules" of baseball ... does anybody care about these anymore?


Don't these "rules" seem like a generational thing to you? We mean, seriously: Are we supposed to be upset when Lastings Milledge high fives fans after hitting a big home run? Oh, no, the older players are annoyed ... baseball isn't supposed to be fun, kids ... it's supposed to be WORK!

We dunno; sometimes we think these "old-school" baseball rules only exist in the mind of Tony LaRussa, and that he wears the sunglasses just to hide anyone else from ever learning them.

Love It Or Hate It? [The Love Of Sports]

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