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Sports News Without Fear, Favor or Compromise
Illustration for article titled Enter Madness: Jimmer Fredette And Four More Will Play At San Diego State Tomorrow

The two greatest phenomena of this year's college basketball season, BYU folk hero Jimmer Fredette and 27-1 San Diego State University, will play tomorrow at 2 p.m. EST in San Diego's Viejas Arena. And not to cause one of those "ohmygodit'smaypril!" moments for you, but March begins on Tuesday, and then we're just a mere two and a half weeks from the start of the tournament. We've hit the most frenzied few weeks of the college basketball season: the final regular-season games, which on Saturday alone includes four top-25-versus-top-25 match-ups, including the No. 4 Aztecs and the No. 7 Cougars, followed by the conference tournaments and, on March 17, the official onset of the Madness.


The San Diego State student section, known simply as "The Show," has big plans for Jimmer. They'll wave hijacked-Facebook photos of Fredette as a "chubby teenager" and in the spirit of self-affirmations, the fan pit will mosh and chant "I believe that we will win!" before tip-off. There will also be "a gecko, a Spider-Man, an elf, [and] a 12-year-old kid dressed as a banana."

It's going to be fantastic. No Jimmer buy-in required.

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