Photo credit: Felipe Dana/Associated Press

The 2016 Paralympics begin in Rio as soon as the Olympics are over, but one of the world’s largest delegations will be absent—as the International Paralympic Committee has decided to suspend the entire Russian team for doping.

IPC president Sir Philip Craven stated today that due to Russia’s state-sponsored doping scheme, the RPC is suspended. The IOC, confronted with the same decision, passed the buck to each sport’s federation. That resulted in only a third of the Russian Olympic delegation being banned from Rio. Craven, via the BBC:

The Russian Paralympic Committee are unable to ensure compliance with and enforcement of the IPC anti-doping code and the world anti-doping code within their own national jurisdiction and they can not fulfil its fundamental obligation as an IPC member.

At least 35 Russian Paralympians were mentioned in the WADA report on that nation’s doping scandal.