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So let's get this straight: Eric Byrnes shows up to the set of a national televised broadcast looking like this, and he thinks people aren't going to talk about how stupid he looks?


I didn't realize how many degenerates sit there at home and watch television and surf the Internet and look for ways to belittle people. People should not be concentrating on what I'm wearing and what my hair looks like. They should be concerned with my flow and the knowledge coming out of my mouth.

For the record, we had no particular problem around these parts with Byrnes' "flow" or "knowledge" or anything else that was coming out of his mouth; we simply pointed out that if you're going to put a guy in a tie, you might as well pretend he didn't just finish licking a toaster. Byrnes' is expected to be back on FOX tonight, so if any of you degenerates out there feel like watching Jenny Zelasko not be scared of the pomaded caveman next to her, you'll have the opportunity to view it and then surf the Internet for all your belittling needs later in the evening.

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(We would, however, like to commend Byrnes for calling Scott Spezio's unfortunate facial hair construction "The Tickler," with a smirk, while Zelasko looked for somewhere to hide.)

(Photo via Can't Stop The Bleeding)

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