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Eric Chavez Can't Quite Make The Save

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Your morning roundup for Aug. 30, the day we still couldn't score seats at Fenway. Photo via tipster Adam. Got any stories or photos for us? Tip your editors.


Michael Vick's remarkable career resurrection is now more or less official, with the first Super Bowl title in Eagles history remaining as the only line-item left to make it complete. But it's puzzling to see all the reports out there stating Vick's blockbuster deal was worth $100 million over six years, since the chance of seeing him officiate a fight between pit bulls on South Street is greater than any likelihood that he'll actually play out the length of that contract in Philly, at that price.

The important figure to keep in mind here is the guaranteed money, which has been reported to be between $36 million and $40 million—money Vick will see if, say, that young Eagles offensive line is unable to keep him from being broken in half at some point this season. And if Vick's skills erode some time between now and the end of those six years? The enormous deal signed last year by some other QB who once played for the Eagles pretty much tells you all you need to know.


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