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Eric Crouch Skypes With His Heisman In The Frame

Tim Tebow prototype Eric Crouch won the 2001 Heisman Trophy, and his bio pretty much ends there. A dominant college player, he never found much of a place in professional football and now works as an analyst for Fox. Still, though, he's got the trophy and time to kill; this makes him a go-to for shows that might struggle to otherwise score a former winner.

One of those shows is ESPNU's UNITE, which despite some rocky beginnings has found a bit of a niche in the late-night sports segment. (We promise to write more in-depth about it soon.) Crouch dropped by the show via Skype last night, and revealed that his Heisman has a prominent role on a shelf of whatever room he's in. But, really, if you had one, wouldn't you let everybody know? (Especially if you're Eric Crouch.)


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