Royals first baseman Eric Hosmer earned his team a dramatic win when he hit a walk-off RBI single in the tenth inning of yesterday's game against the Tigers. To show their appreciation, his teammates doused him in barbecue sauce.

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This wasn't just any barbecue sauce, though. This was Hit-It-A-Ton barbecue sauce, a new brand that is endorsed by Royals designated hitter Billy Butler. A shipment of the sauce was recently delivered to the Royals' clubhouse, and the players have been treating it like a good-luck charm ever since. Jeremy Guthrie seems to be particularly fond of it.


Getting barbecue sauce dumped all over you is certainly less pleasant than the standard shaving-cream pie to the face or Gatorade bath, but Hosmer should still consider himself lucky. At least he doesn't play for the nut-grabbin' Indians.