Eric Mangini Enjoys Vesuvio's

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We like Jets coach Eric Mangini, even if he's way too young to be that football-coach tubby. But we — as obsessed "Sopranos" fans since the very first episode — hope he understands the honor bestowed upon him. He cameoed last night on what was one of the most intense, breathtaking episodes of the most intense, breathtaking television programs of our lifetime. We're not gonna give away any spoilers, but ... well, we hope Mangini understand how blessed he was.

Yes, That Really Was Eric Mangini On The Sopranos [The Fanhouse]

(By the way, we're going to be doing a whole "Sopranos" thing on Friday, so we ask for your forgiveness in advance. Oh, and Kissing Suzy Kolber takes a look at Mangini's acting career.)