Here's a nightmare scenario for Trojan fans everywhere—head coach Pete Carroll announced that he has been "talking ball" with the Browns new chief Eric Mangini.

Obviously, getting fired by the New York Jets is a bond between two men that can never be broken, but what else could these two possibly have to discuss? Their favorite New Jersey toll plazas? The best places to find parking in Foxboro? Nylon vs. wool pullovers? I'm sure USC fans would prefer that Pete Carroll not "talk ball" with anyone but his pets, lest Mangini's unique brand of winning football rub off him. If the conversation went anywhere beyond "latch on to a rich private college and never let go," then it went too far.

The world found out about this through Carroll's Twitter feed (of course) which is also how Pete denied the vicious rumors that two of his players may have used steroids. It's nonsense really. This is Division I football, folks, not the American League West.

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