Lenny Dykstra, who — despite what Jim Cramer and Bernard Goldberg try to tell you — is not a financial genius, might have failed with his catering-to-rich-people venture, but former NBAer Erick Strickland, seen here in the great Mavericks jersey of old, is doing better for himself.

Strickland has co-founded Luxury Boy Toys. Nope, it's not a service for cougars and/or pedophiles; it's a service that allows disgustingly rich people to trade their big rich things for other big rich things with big rich people.

A basic individual (or "player") membership is available for $9.99 while an advanced (or "owner") membership is available for $199. Fees for commercial membership are more expensive. Aside from allowing you to post and buy items online, the site can also help you with listing, appraisal, and financing.

This seems like a great idea, and eventually we'd like to see actual sports owners on the site. Perhaps Mark Cuban could trade Brandon Bass for another yacht. Or a dinghy. Whatever.

Former Knick Creates Online Luxury Marketplace [How To Roll]