Erin Andrews And Her Dirty GQ Pictures

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Yeah, like, literally dirty. Sickos. The magazine is finally out with those pictures (and brief interview) of Erin Andrews that were shot waaaaay back in April for GQ, before she became trapped in peephole hell.


Here's a couple of noteworthy items from her interview:

1. She wants to ditch Hotlanta for NYC.
2. She still talks to Jesse Palmer too much.
3. She would like graduate to NFL sidelining


Otherwise, it's a a pretty uneventful interview and the pictures are probably going to put to rest the notion that she was trying to go more sexpotty prior to getting illegally videotaped in a hotel room. There's only one reference to the peephole incident and that's to let people know that the video on is "authorized" unlike that one. (Which should be up soon.)

There's still no word as to when Andrews will have the James Brown-style sit-down with Katie Couric/Oprah/Dianne Sawyer/Larry King but it will most likely be in the next few weeks.