Jeffrey Phelps/AP Images

Fox Sports broadcaster Erin Andrews was diagnosed with cervical cancer in October of last year, just six months after the conclusion of her lawsuit against Marriott and her stalker, Michael David Barrett.

Andrews made public her cancer diagnosis and the subsequent surgeries for the first time in a profile by Emily Kaplan at the MMQB.

The broadcaster says she had her first surgery on October 11, then was on the field five days later for a Cowboys-Packers game. Andrews had a second surgery November 1, and a few weeks later learned she wouldn’t need chemotherapy or radiation treatments.

Throughout the piece, Andrews’s love of football is described as a coping mechanism used during her trial and while she had cancer. She says while on the witness stand, she tried to keep her composure while thinking to herself, “How would the Packers’ offensive line walk up to the stand right now? ”


Andrews says her relationships with coaches and players themselves evolved after her trial last year, with household names coming out of the woodwork to offer her support over the phone and during games. She appears to be particularly close with Urban Meyer:

When the scandal first broke, she consulted Urban Meyer for advice. What is going to happen if I meet a coach or a player for the first time and this is all they know me for? “In a way, this all has allowed me to relate to players more,” Andrews says. “I understand what it’s like to be the story.”


Based on Andrews’s quotes to the MMQB, she seems to be relieved to finally be able to return her focus to football. You can read the whole thing here.