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From the look of Raquel’s careful, handrail-aided steps, the slow wipe of her mouth, her collapse into a seat, and her dazed swaying as she attempts to pick herself up afterward, you’d think that the Villarreal-Barcelona match attendee had just realized, after puking up a quart or so of alcohol, that she’d had all the enjoyment she’d needed during the afternoon’s festivities and should try to make her way home and sleep it off.

This was not the case. Instead, Raquel had moments earlier found herself in direct contact with some of sport’s beautiful and risky intimacy when a wayward Lionel Messi shot flew over the goal and came hurtling her direction:


The story does have a happy ending, though. The TV channel Cuatro caught up with Raquel, where she confirmed that, while she had broken her wrist, she was in good spirits about it all. And, seeing as she also copped to being a Real Madrid fan, we need not feel sorry for her, anyway.

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