Errant Pick-Off Throw Finds Crown Of Pitcher's Head

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In the fourth inning of today’s game between Concordia University Chicago and Edgewood, CUC catcher Justin Rodriguez rifled a throw to second to pick off a runner who’d strayed far from the base. Pitcher Keaton Conner ducked to get out of the way, but the throw was low, and it caught Conner square on the top of his noggin (go to about 1:11:30 in the video below):

Sheer improbability notwithstanding, that is a pretty damn scary mishap. After about two minutes on the ground, Conner was able to rise and walk off under his own power. That was for sure the end of his afternoon of baseball. A trio of relievers brought the Cougars home—they won the game, 13-10.

H/t David