Escaped Dog Runs Half-Marathon, Wins Medal, Gets Neutered

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Boogie got off his leash Friday night, and the next day decided to join the Evansville half-marathon. He finished in 2:15—better than most of the entered runners—and promptly got sent to an animal shelter for his trouble.

The 8-year-old Chocolate Lab became a sensation during the race, running much of it alongside Kim Arney. But once he reached the finish line and no one claimed him, poor Boogie had to be shipped to Animal Control. Police appealed for his owner to come forward:

"Because he did not officially enter the race, we do not have his race times. However, we are confident he set a new course record for an unassisted dog,’ Evansville police said in a post immediately after the race.

"Anyone who might recognize this champion runner is asked to help him get back home."


Boogie's owner Jerry Butts came to claim him, and on Tuesday, Boogie was reunited with Arney and awarded a participant medal.

This was Boogie's fourth successful escape attempt, so to calm him down, Butts is going to have him neutered. "He’s going to lose part of his manhood here," Butts said. "That was part of the deal."