's Lead Tech Guru Explains How They Were Attacked By Dancing Unicorns And Glittery Ponies

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Keith Lam is the programming guy for and spent most of his final hour yesterday fighting off unicorns from's site. How did this awesomeness happen? He explains. Kind of.

The Cornify program is the culprit, but Lam maintains that wasn't hacked. It appears to be an April Fool's prank gone unnoticed that Kotaku's tipsters spotted and then unleashed upon the WWL's readership to everyone's delight. From Lam's blog:

EXPLANATION: Cornify is a javascript plugin written by Paul Irish Christoph Helzle that puts sparkles, rainbows, unicorns, happiness and glitter images on the site. Paul Irish wrote the Konami trigger. The code also changes the font to Comic Sans and the font color to purple/pink and adds corny words to the page. You can add the Konami code triggered Easter Egg to your own site with the code below.


That super-duper nerdspeak is enough to spark more unicorn infested hallucinations. But there has to be a culprit — a disgruntled programmer, Stephen A., NORBY!. That person has yet to come forward and ESPN's personal Ted Stryker, Josh Krulewitz, has yet to come through with a blog-safe quote that keeps the WWL on-message. Hopefully, that'll happen. In the meantime, those who know a whole lot about coding and Easter Eggs and stuff might want to investigate ESPN's new opening.


Go outside, already. It's, like, hot. Oh — and there's an historic Deadspin anniversary tomorrow.

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