ESPN Has (Not So Subtly) Banned Some Of Hannah Storm's Wardrobe (UPDATE)

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Hannah Storm's been playfully mocked here before due to her — some say "inappropriate" — SportsCenter outfits but apparently some of the Bristol fashion police agreed with Tony Kornheiser's opinion: Weep, Stormtroopers — the red go-go boots are gone.

Yes, according to a source, even though Mr. Kornheiser's comments about Hannah Storm's wardrobe choices were borderline cruel, some of Storm's bosses concur and have requested she not wear the red boots anymore. And this is not the first time she's been instructed not to wear a certain article of clothing. According to the source, there are two other items that ESPN has requested Hannah keep in her closet:


The Puffy Shirt: Yes, this wacky outfit, which caught the attention of Sports Pros(e) writer Kyle Koster due to its similarity to one featured in a popular Seinfeld sketch, was also not Norby — Norby, motherfucker! — approved.

The Daisy Duke Blouse: We can blame this shirt's retirement on Jessica Simpson or, most likely, Dashiell Bennett.


No word on if Kornheiser will be reprimanded for his comments, but considering he's got all the Dockers-wearing boys in middle management in agreement with him, he'll probably just have to apologize to her on-air or over the phone.

It's highly suggested that Storm take these requests lightly and have fun with it, but also put them to good use.


UPDATE: Norby speaks:

Hannah is a consummate professional and one of ESPN's most respected voices. The comments were totally inappropriate, which Tony recognized. He apologized to Hannah and addressed it on his radio show. We are in the process of reviewing the entire situation.

Norby Williamson, ESPN Executive Vice President, Production

And via The Big Lead, here's Kornheiser apologizing on his radio show this morning:

I apologize, unequivocally … I'm a sarcastic, subversive guy … I'm a troll, look at me. I have no right to insult what anybody looks like or what anybody wears. That, I think, should go without saying.


To which Storm responded: "Maybe you should take this …you have a following, maybe you should take this as food for thought."