ESPN Horndog Dossier: Kate Lacey

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Who? Exactly. Lacey, SVP of Marketing for ESPN, was a popular subject in our tips box dating back to last year. Why? Why do people despise this woman so much?

From an emailer named "Michelle Jones" last year: "there is so much more to her story and you really need to find out how she slept her way up pepsi's ladder and now espn's..."


And from a "samsamsmith":

I am watching the mistresses of these major public figures get humiliated and have their reputations destroyed. My question is this, what about the affair that happens on a "smaller scale", so to speak. What about the big shot marketing career woman who sleeps with the senior programmer at a major cable network. Why isn't her reputation ruined? Who will speak to "out" them? I want to remain anonymous, but I want someone to dig and write about this woman. Katie Lacey holds the top post at ESPN for marketing and she even has her name mentioned in an EEOC claim which ESPN is trying to keep quiet, wouldn't someone be interested in either of these things?


Oh pshaw. She can't be fucking anybody too important, right? Wrong. The rumor circulating through Bristol — and our inbox — is that Lacey infuriated a lot of people when she began doinking David Berson, an ESPN programming VP at the WWL.

On-air talent had been scolded for similar or lesser indiscretions, yet this relationship went unchallenged, infuriating some Bristolites. No leadership pickles for you, Lacey!

So for your notes: ESPN Corporate Ladder-Fucking: Good. ESPN On-Air Talent Production Assistant-Fucking: Not Good.


Still awaiting comment from ESPN....