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ESPN Is Coming To You Live From Your Parents' Basement

This is kind of insane. Today's second installment of ESPN's "Morning Blog Buzz" spelled out for its viewers what the goal of the program is. Brace yourselves.

Josh Elliot is one of the nicest people on the planet and I applaud him (and ESPN) for giving blogs some well-deserved national recognition. And, as you can tell from the video, ESPN won't ignore the stories criticizing them (or former LOUD TALKING employees) if that's what the sports blogosphere is nattering about. Awful Announcing said yesterday that ESPN's actually pulling their buzzometer from a company called Sports Media Challenge, which I assume does full-time blog buzz aggregation. Awesome?

This might be a good thing for the collective egos of the sports blogoshphere (I AM ON TEEVEE!!!!) but is it also a way for ESPN to curry favor in the hopes of more positive coverage?


The one thing that I'd like to see happen before ESPN ditches this experiment is for all blogs to collectively join together one day to talk about Hannah Storm's wardrobe just to see how Elliot handles talking about that: "And the most talked about thing on the blogoshphere this co-host's revealing farm girl blouse!"

He can do it. He's a pro.

ESPN Surprisingly Takes Blog Buzz Criticism Well [Awful Announcing]

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