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Today’s episode of Outside The Lines took on the recent kerfuffle at Texas A&M, which saw Texas A&M wide receivers coach Aaron Moorehead chasing away recruits by acting like a baby on Twitter. ESPN recruiting analyst Tom Luginbill was brought on the show to give his takes on the situation, and he wasted no time in showing us just how much he sucks.


“Unfortunately, in today’s society with young people and social media ...” begins Luginbill, letting you know exactly how dumb the next words out of his mouth are going to be.“Particularly with respect to student athletes, these guys gotta toughen up, and they’ve gotta grow up, and they’ve gotta do it in a hurry.”

My man turned Bob Ley into the real-life :thinking_face: emoji:


A few recruits saw their prospective coach acting like a manbaby on Twitter and reasonably decided that they’d rather not play for a dude like that, but Sergeant Spectacles over here is convinced that they’re the ones who need to grow up. I’m starting to think that a guy whose job it is to obsess over the physical attributes of teenagers, and who will go on TV to bark things like “buckle your chinstrap” at those teenagers, is not the most well-adjusted person on the planet.


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