ESPN: Our Employee Jon Gruden Will Be Next Raiders Coach

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ESPN is reporting its employee Jon Gruden will leave the company after eight years and take his turkey hole to the Raiders, where he started his head coaching career 20 years ago. The deal to bring Gruden back to coaching could include giving him a chunk of team ownership, again according to ESPN.

Gruden last coached in 2009, when the Buccaneers fired him despite giving the Raiders cash and draft picks for the use of his head coaching services; Gruden’s since been mostly bumming around Tampa in “Fired Football Coaches of America” gear that I’m quite confident he had made himself. The Raiders fired Jack del Rio today less than a year after signing the former Jaguars skipper to a four-year contract extension.


ESPN says if Gruden’s deal to return to the Raiders includes an ownership stake, it will have to be approved by all 32 team owners. HELP ME, JERRAH, YOU’RE MY ONLY HOPE!