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ESPN Rearranges The Furniture

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No. 1 question we've been asked today: "What do you think of the redesign?" It's also been the big debate at Three True Outcomes today.

While we're honored that our opinion is solicited, we'll admit, we can't pretend we don't like it: It's clean, it's streamlined and, hell, it probably loads faster than Deadspin does. (We're working on it.) Sorry. We know we're supposed to hate everything the Worldwide Leader does. But it's probably telling that it's 4:30 p.m. ET, and we've already forgotten what the old design looked like.

Instead, we'll focus on the truly great part of the redesign: The ability to look at what has looked like over the last 10 years. It has the unique ability to remind us just how old we really are. We remember back when the URL was, and they had columnists like Art Spander.


One thing hasn't changed, though: You still gotta pay through the teeth to get most of the good stuff. It's not the hey-hey late '90s anymore ...

The New [Three True Outcomes] Front Page: 1995 [ESPN]

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