ESPN Reminds Talent: Don't Say Anything Stupid About Jameis Winston

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Like anyone else, ESPN talking heads can occasionally lapse into dumb talk on controversial topics. Nobody knows that better than ESPN brass, who must see the world as a vast lawn filled with an infinite number of rakes for Chris Broussard to step on. A couple hours ago, the news desk and talent office sent a "let's be careful out there" memo to ESPN talent, regarding the Jameis Winston news:

ESPN Talent
Today's developments in the Jameis Winston investigation are likely to be emotionally charged. Please consider that and use discretion when determining whether to engage in the conversation, particularly in the social space (Twitter, Facebook, etc.)

Contact the news editors, and refer to newswires and the Hot List for guidance on appropriate terms and language related to the investigation and whether or not charges are filed.

Thank you.
ESPN News Desk and Talent Office