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ESPN Showed Jameis Winston Onscreen 48 Times During FSU-Clemson

Viewers of last night's Clemson-Florida State overtime thriller couldn't help but notice how often ESPN's broadcast on ABC showed suspended FSU quarterback Jameis Winston. Indeed, after every big play it felt like the cameras went to Winston to see the Heisman Trophy-winner's reaction. But how much of the broadcast was really dedicated to a player who would never appear in the game?


Five percent, it turns out. (Put another way, it means one of every 20 seconds of game broadcast was spent showing Winston; in total, the benched QB was onscreen for eight full minutes.) Game announcers Chris Fowler and Kirk Herbstreit referred to Jameis Winston 60 times by name, and a total of 48 camera takes featuring Winston appeared in the broadcast.

We've compiled last night's Winston appearances in the above video; for time considerations, a one minute, 34 second-long intro about Jameis Winston's status was omitted.


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