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ESPN Suspends Rob Parker After "Cornball Brother" Remarks, Promises "Full Review"

ESPN execs are not sitting on their hands on this one. A day after Rob Parker's "is he a brother or is he a cornball brother" comments about Robert Griffin III, ESPN said that Parker is suspended indefinitely.


There will also be a "full review" into what happened, the network announced. One subject for review could be why, if Parker's remarks were "inappropriate," First Take producers re-aired the show yesterday afternoon with his comments untouched. Apparently the producers and the executives don't have the same understanding of what the standards are.

Reviewing that issue could lead ESPN into some uncomfortable territory: What exactly is First Take? Parker did exactly what the show sets out to do: propped up a straw man to start an "authentic" debate. A show built on troublemaking commentary aired comments that made trouble.

Where's the line between Parker's race-based take on Griffin and the race-based Griffin analysis that host Skip Bayless came up with earlier this year? The network has already had one bout of First Take-inspired self-examination this week, about its unhealthy Tebow fixation. We'll see where this new round leads.

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