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ESPN The Magazine Flosses Rick Reilly®'s Column From Its Pages

We're told that Rick Reilly's next ESPN The Magazine column will be his last for the magazine, which means he will now annoy the world on only two ESPN media platforms instead of three. Progress!

Reilly, like Bill Simmons before, is taking his column online-only (until now, he'd split time between the magazine and This doesn't really mean much, except that we're probably in for a lot more projects like the one Reilly plugged toward the end of his recent "Let's pretend we don't want to harpoon each other" chat with Bill Simmons:

Reilly: I'm starting this 90-second essay on SportsCenter. Gonna happen this spring. Trying to figure out what to call it. Got any ideas?

Simmons: I mean, I almost feel like you can't do "Life of Reilly" anymore. You need a new title.

Reilly: Definitely. Definitely. It's gonna be all me. It's gonna be a one-man crew. I'm doing it with a Flip camera and Skype.

Simmons: Really?

Yes, really. And so a new, print-free era of Rick Reilly dawns, and it dawns, fittingly, with a bad pun and a dental allusion.

Reilly: I was almost gonna call it "Crewless," as a play on "Clueless," but, uh, it'd probably bite me in the ass.


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