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Sports News Without Fear, Favor or Compromise
Illustration for article titled iESPN The Magazine/i Invites You To Read An Entire Issue About How Good Boston Sports Teams Are

This month, ESPN The Mag unveiled the most unnecessary public service announcement in the history of sports: Boston teams are good at sports! They win championships quite often! And Tom Brady is pretty! It doesn't matter if Captain Obvious already informed you of these things with a giant neon sign over your television for the past decade—here are 100-and-something more pages about it.

Over at Kissing Suzy Kolber, Drew has already FJM'd this thing (yes, ESPN The Mag made it possible to FJM a cover), so I just want to add that, as a cowering Boston fan who grew up with very bad Boston teams and only heard about the Celtics of old, I understand the wrath. You all must feel about Boston teams in the same way that I once felt about the Dallas Cowboys, the New York Yankees/Atlanta Braves, and the Los Angeles Lakers (let's be honest—every kid loved the Chicago Bulls): Boston is insufferable, and so are its fans. Even some honest Boston fans will admit to this.


So, yes, I agree with Bill Simmons. He has a piece in here called "This Whole Issue Is A Bad Idea," which is, if you're keeping track, also applicable to another recent editorial decision made by The Mag. He's right—and, like, so meta—but at least it will afford us all the greatest hate-read of the year. It's available Friday.

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