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Sports News Without Fear, Favor or Compromise

ESPN: We Pan The Crowd, You Decide

Illustration for article titled ESPN: We Pan The Crowd, You Decide

Look, according to union rules, technicians in the ESPN video truck get one 15-minute coffee break every two hours. So if you're the director, sometimes you need to delegate. "Go ahead and choose which section of the crowd to pan, Buzz. I'm finishing my danish." Or, you know, perhaps every fifth person in the Kentucky rooting section had a similar sign, and there was just no better place to point the camera.


Or could it be that Tim Hardaway really believes that the LSU roster is populated with gay players? That's a distinct possibility. Oh, those crazy kids in Lexington. Here's how it looks on video:


We're not sure, but we think we also saw Ralph Wiggum in there holding a sign that reads "I Like Purple."

Also, as Awful Announcing pointed out, what's the deal with the girl up front? We can only assume that that's some sort of hospital outpatient bracelet she's wearing.

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