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How nicely does ESPN treat its employees? We've been forwarded a memo that demonstrates their level of appreciation to a crew that has to endure an association with Tony Kornheiser:

To: EES-ESPN Domestic Subject: Monday Night Football Employee Salute — November 1st

As is often heard on Monday Night Football, "upon further review" the original MNF celebration meal coupon plan has raised a number of unanticipated, administrative issues. In an effort to ease the burden, the use of a meal coupon will not be necessary. Instead, we will provide an instant credit of up to $5.00 on the purchase of a single meal in any of our Connecticut cafeterias from noon to closing tomorrow. We recognize that this is not as expansive an effort as originally planned but it is still a great way to express our sincere thanks for the record-breaking performance and continued success of MNF on ESPN.

If anyone has any questions, please direct them to me. I apologize for any confusion this change in direction has caused. Thanks.


$5? Woooooo hoooooo! Still, it could have been worse: We hear the original plan was just to give all the employees some leftover phones.

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