Last October's O.J. Simpson verdict was not the watershed cultural moment everyone expected and actually most of America shrugged its shoulders after O.J. was finally found guilty of something β€” even if it wasn't the double murder he was accused of committing. O.J. will be sentenced this Friday in Las Vegas and ESPN will be covering it live on both ESPNNews and SportsCenter, just like a real live news channel would. Awful Announcing got the press release and by the looks of it, ESPN is very excited by the get:

ESPNEWS and SportsCenter will televise live the sentencing of O.J. Simpson on Friday, Dec. 5. The court appearance in Las Vegas is currently scheduled for noon. Legal experts Lester Munson and Roger Cossack will provide analysis. In September 2007, Simpson was arrested in Las Vegas and on October 3, 2008 found guilty on multiple charges.

Given the overall disinterest about O.J.'s prison status, it seems a little odd for ESPN to be interrupting its normal Flores/McKendry SportsCenter variety show day for this type of coverage β€” it's easy to see a new Plaxico update or even a Sean Avery follow up, being a better ratings grab for them then OJ right now. And given O.J.'s non-existent relevancy as a sports icon anymore, those stories would seem to take precedence. But according to ESPN, this is the type of coverage that a "live" version of SportsCenter is made for and will hold their viewers interest. There will be no courthouse reporters outside or anything β€” just a camera and a few talking heads.
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