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ESPN Would Rather Not Use Their Own Phones

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We know the big ESPN interoffice complaint memorandum we posted yesterday was enormous and unwieldy, but seriously, folks: It's an absolute treasure trove of gorgeous goodness. So, for the rest of the week, we'll be highlighting two particularly hilarious and illustrative segments from the memo each day. Right now: ESPN's faith in its own products!


Question: With the switch to Verizon for ESPN phone content, will our company phones, (Treos), be switched to Verizon?

Answer:There are no plans to switch to Verizon. Verizon does not offer international coverage and it would be a lot of work to constantly swap a Verizon phone for a Cingular phone based on international travel. It also would require two processes to manage the phones, one for each vendor. Currently our rates are the same, if not better, with Cingular.


As most of you know, Verizon is the carrier for the new revamped ESPN Mobile; you need a Verizon plan to get the service. ESPN employees, logically, wonder if this means they have to switch. Skipper informs that not only do they not have to switch, but that the Verizon competitor ESPN regularly uses has cheaper rates that the company ESPN has a multi-million-dollar deal with.

We're sure Verizon is just doing backflips to learn that the head of ESPN is openly telling his employees that their phone service is inferior.

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