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ESPN's Butkus Sham Finally Over

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Not to imply that the ratings for ESPN's "reality show" "Bound For Glory" weren't through the roof, but no one seems to have noticed — save for the Pittsburgh Post-Gazette — that the whole show was full of horse manure. Dick Butkus, who was "hired" to "coach" a Pennsylvania high school team, has left the team in the middle of the season, saying he had met his contractual obligations.

We're assuming one of those contractual obligation wasn't to actually coach; the Post-Gazette has detailed in great detail how Butkus has anything but a real head coach, with "real" coach Lou Cerro — who had been hired before ESPN invaded — running the team. ESPN is pulling its cameras from the series along with Butkus; Cerro says, "They're telling us that to do the final two weeks of the season would cost them between $1.5 million and $2 million."


You mean an ESPN series was based on pure fiction? No! Next thing you're gonna tell us is that Sean Salisbury and John Clayton don't really hate each other.

Butkus Leaves High School Team [Pittsburgh Post-Gazette]

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