ESPN's Featured Comment Of The Day

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ESPN scoured it's message boards this morning for its wittiest, hardest-hitting, most enlightening comment, and chose this one above all others ...

• "I got the Pack by a touchdown." — Flyestgod

Previous ESPN Featured Comments Of The Day, and a Featured Deadspin Response ...

• "Even if Dallas does beat the Packers it will not beat them by a lot." — 1clvrdude

• 1clvrdude: (Hurriedly dials phone) Dude, I'm totally the featured comment on right now!!


Friend: Really? (rushes to computer, logs in, scrolls down, silently reads...)

1clvrdude: See! I told you!

Friend: Did you play that kid Corky on "Life Goes On"?

— Maybe The Nibbles Ate Your Baby


• "I would really love to see a playoff system in college football." — gatordmb89


• He really does have an excellent point. He likes the Gators and Dave Matthews Band so he's two-for-two when it comes to valid opinions of what I should like. I would like to subscribe to his newsletter. — Sandburgh


• "The Pats needed a test like this, it will only make them better. I hope they go undefeated." — Leo l.

• To be fair, Leo I wasn't a very controversial pope. I bet Pius XII would've had some real hard-hitting analysis. — Shea Guevara