Bobby Valentine, who once proved that it takes no more than a fake mustache and a novelty t-shirt to manage a MLB team (provided, of course, that you already manage said team), is in his second year of his second stint at ESPN. This year, the spotlight's shining extra bright on Valentine, who has replaced beloved punching bag Joe Morgan on Sunday Night Baseball.

But that doesn't mean Valentine—who juggles his ESPN gig with his decidedly non-ceremonial position as Stamford, CT's director of Public Safety—can't put his foot in his mouth. Like here, from tonight's SportsCenter, when he says a few things that, uh, surprise.

Valentine kind of argues that because Josh Hamilton is a crazy drug addict, he tried to score when he shouldn't have. Because trying to score on an error a popup is just like trying to score blow.


But he apparently realizes the inapt reference point, and totally saves the day, by saying that Hamilton can't take drugs now to cure the injury, and that's the problem. But since Skele-Gro hasn't received FDA approval yet, nothing can really cure Hamilton's broken arm.

Then Valentine amends himself again, and says "heal" the injury, although if we want to get picky—and we shall, with our city government officials—painkillers don't heal injuries either. Though drug addicts might think that. And Hamilton's undergone more invasive surgeries before, presumably without incident.


So Valentine says "that might have been dumb on everyone's part," and since the Japanese baseball legend uttered such a pronoun without an obvious antecedent, we'll have to agree with him. Dumb on everyone's part, indeed.

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