ESPN's John Clayton Says Some Random Shit About Johnny Manziel

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So what happens to Johnny Manziel if the NCAA decides he's no longer eligible to play college football because he allegedly sold his autograph? Last night during SportsCenter, John Clayton explained that Manziel could turn pro and enter the supplemental draft later this month, "if indeed he does qualify." Yeah, but, that's the thing: He doesn't. Manziel has only been out of high school for two years, which means he's ineligible to play in the NFL for at least another year. Also? The supplemental draft already happened. (My draft party was awesome.)

If Manziel were eligible, could the NFL hold another supplemental draft just for him? I ran that question past the NFLPA. I'll let you know what I hear back. Update: The NFLPA directed me to ask the NFL. Michael Signora, the league's VP of communications, wrote back with this: "There is only one supplemental draft held each year. There are no provisions in NFL rules for a second supplemental draft to be conducted."

An ESPN spokesman told me the network corrected Clayton's mistake on the air last night, though that didn't stop it from airing again today at 9:47 a.m. EDT. The spokesman also said the mothership "will plan an correction today as well."


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