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ESPNU/Time Warner Cable Experiencing Technical Difficulties, Porn (NSFW)

There can't be that many people watching ESPNU at 3:17AM, but on Saturday there was at least one, and he got a little surprise while hunting for a late-night sports fix (very NSFW).

An insomniac Deadspin reader was flipping through the channels in his south Texas abode early Saturday morning (or late Friday night, if you prefer) when this not-unpleasing-to-the-eye image gave him pause. Thankfully, for the good of humanity, he had a camera handy. Either Time Warner Cable is having trouble keeping the porn out of their non-porn feeds or an ESPNU employee was making a strong statement about Duke basketball.


Interestingly, the same thing happened last Sunday in Waco, where Time Warner Cable customers watching a PBS telethon were surprised by a 5-second switch from PBS to pubis. It was probably the most action those viewers had gotten in years. Between that and the infamous Super Bowl Porn incident earlier this year, we're looking at a possible porno pandemic. Let's keep our fingers crossed.


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