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Ethical Quandaries: What Should I Do With These Two Stubs That Could Pay This Month's Rent?

How much is three innings of baseball worth? As you can see, these seats are in the terrace deck of Citizens Bank Park (Sec. 426, row 3) , but are still going for $700 a pop on StubHub right now. That could buy me a whole crapload of macaroni. I'm torn. Do I want to be a part of history with my father as this all happens, filled with the treacly memories that will last a lifetime? Yes. Am I considering the possibility that the Phillies could lose and watching that happen isn't worth pissing on $1,400? Yes. But as a fan, as a good son, I'm opting to go, regardless of the outcome, hoping and praying this fucker ends in an on-field celebration that will quiet these greedy thoughts invading my brain. Your sage advice is requested in the comments section below. Phillies fans rush to find now-usable ticket stubs [CBS3]


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