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Evander Holyfield Beats Up Insurance Salesman, Will Insist On Fighting Again

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Bad news for Evander Holyfield. He won last night, which means his comeback is going to continue. After beating the hell out of Jeremy Bates last night, Holyfield says he wants a Top 10 fighter next.

And a Top 10 fighter would certainly a be a large departure from Jeremy Bates. I don't want to knock the guy, but he is what he is: a journeyman hired to make Holyfield look good. Holyfield, who's always been small for a heavyweight, had a significant advantage over Bates in height, reach, speed and quickness, and God was probably rooting for Holyfield, too. A TKO in the second round ended it (for a live-blog of the event, click here).


When "Holyfield V, The Final Chapter," is over, no matter how it ends, it's probably not going to turn me into a huge Holyfield fan. Perhaps this is unfair to him, but he's either going to get busted up, and I'm going to think the entire comeback was morbidly sad, or he's going to actually win a heavyweight belt, and I'm going to think the entire heavyweight division of boxing is morbidly sad.

There are 1,827 world championship belts in boxing anyway; can't we just make one up and call it the Evander Holyfield Heavyweight Championship, give that to him, and hope he goes away?

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